Sunday, December 8

Angels of Mercy

In the First World War, nurses like Mabel (and my grandma) were sometimes called Angels of Mercy.  I spotted these (with real wings - well, almost real) at World Travel Market in London a few weeks ago. They, and the WW1 officers behind, were promoting battlefield tours in Belgium.  I have no doubt that the soldiers who were injured or killed there would have been only too glad to go on a Battlefield Tour with a nice cosy hotel every night -  rather than experience the real thing. 

One thing that is nice, though, is the way these nurses are laughing and having a good time.  Grandma got a lot out of being a nurse, and looked back with satisfaction on her time on the ambulance train.


  1. No matter how many tours we take, we will never know how it truly was. Have the children writing this had such a tour, or a "virtual" tour?

  2. Indeed they would have chosen the hotel to the battlefield! :-)

  3. The nurses and the soldiers present a pretty tidy image of battles. Better than the real thing thats for sure.