Tuesday, September 10

Day 1, 9 September 2013. Finally, we get into school.....

After all the thought and preparation, we went into school for the first time today.  For me, it was all new. I hadn't been in a classroom during lessons for ....well, since I was at school myself.

Vanessa brought in several vintage items for the kids to look at, smell, touch, and (in some cases) listen to, and, ultimately, write about. The items included a vintage plate camera with leather bellows, old books, a sewing box - how many children have seen one of these?  My grandma loved knitting but she wasn't into sewing, although (or perhaps because) her dad always made her and her sister do sewing if they had nothing else to do. "The devil makes work for idle hands to do," he used to say

As well as the sewing box there was also an old pipe, and a fantastic robe with frogged fastenings.  An Edwardian man's dressing gown perhaps? I don't know.

The kids were all very interested. They put together a list of words they thought described the items, with some extra words suggested and explained by Vanessa. Then they wrote down how each object seemed to them. I was amazed at how creative and thoughtful some of the responses were. And how's this for a stunningly modelled robe?

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  1. How sweet! Kids don't know how things are supposed to be so they can have a fresh view on the world...and its objects. ;)