Friday, September 13

Frank and the Old Days

Here's Frank, you can just see his pencil at the bottom of the picture because he's been doing some drawing.

He's done three background pictures so far, and is now researching what fleas look like.

Since Mabel went to Boutcher School, Bermondsey, like our kids, his pictures so far include the Alaska Building, the old factory that's very near the school.  

And here's a picture of the school itself,  shortly after it was founded by Mr. Boutcher.  It doesn't look so very different now, although the parents don't wear top hats and long dresses, obviously.

And a large tree or two has grown up, and they've knocked down the wall on the right, which I think might have enclosed what was originally the schoolmaster's house. 

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  1. The mums and dads probably wear cropped tops and vests in summer! :-)

    Thanks for the update. :-)

    Have a great week.