Tuesday, May 27

Kids, Upheavals and Challenges

Some children have faced great upheavals. Some come from war zones or have families facing difficult times in other countries. In an earlier post, our kids wrote about the fleas' feelings on going away with Mabel to the war. Here's the completed page that covers how the different fleas deal with this big change in their lives.  Hope you love it as much as I do.

A few people have asked how they can buy the book, and so we've put Paypal buttons in the right hand column.  Any profits go towards more writing projects with the school, so I hope you'll consider buying the book for any kids you know who have to face challenges and upheavals, who are getting dragged along with adults doing things that will change their lives ....

... or, of course, who are just interested in the idea of being a nurse in wartime, or what fleas might think about going away on a big adventure  :)



  1. Hooray! Yes, i bought it! May i ask what the difference is between the US and UK versions?

  2. How exciting! Our first sale! Thank you! What a fun thing before I turn in for the night. There is no difference in the books, just that Paypal doesn't offer the option of converting currencies, so it needs two buttons. I should probably put "buyers" instead of "versions" .... yes, might do that. But tomorrow (yawn) it's gone midnight here and I was just closing the computer when I saw your comment appear.