Friday, June 6

Party Bags?

So what should we put in the party bags for the launch on 19 June? Most inexpensive gifts with a medical theme are a teeny bit weird (rubber gloves, anyone?)  Or they are gruesome - not that children seem to mind that.  But with 28 of them to buy for, the cost of individual gifts adds up.

I've had a look on Etsy for some ideas.... hmmm....

There's an aspirin pendant

 heartbeat trace bracelet
 brooch in the shape of an anatomical heart

and my favourite, soap in the shape of pills.  I'd get that - except that for all the kids to have a bar,  it would cost over £80.

Back to the party shop, then..


  1. heartbeat trace pendant? I love etsy, truly something for everyone!

  2. My prize goes to the aspirin necklace. You could customise that with sleeping pill necklace, indigestion tablet necklace, etc.

  3. I like the pendant. Very tuce.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I loved the brooch. Very nice . Nice color too