Monday, July 28

South London Press article about Mabel.

Couldn't post this before because I was away. But great to see this .....

A lovely article in South London Press.

Half a page - the kids did well!


  1. Hooray for good publicity! This book deserves it!

  2. I love the photos, the children must have been so excited when they first got to see the book you had helped them create! Jane xx

  3. That is fantastic news. What a great project and good way to educate them on an important subject. For once there is something positive in the news arena! Sorry, but it seems our news is always bad stuff, and this is so nice and refreshing to see the article made the press!

  4. that is so very cool...I remember some of the guests we had in elementary school....a troop of story tellers that came and their fascinating stories....they used props too...and it def inspired me....

  5. Hi Jenny. Thanks for stopping by Ocala & Central Florida Photos for your kind comment. You are very talented. What fun it must have been for the kids to help you write this book! They certainly appear enchanted with the result.

    I'm sort of a writer, too, but don't have the necessary commitment. I've done lots of song-writing, though with a modicum of success, and many articles and essays. Just recently I published a book of poetry, "Perched on the Edge," which contains a number of fun and funky poems and some with a more serious tone.

    Best wishes to you in all your endeavors!

  6. Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting my blog! :) Wanted to drop by and say hello. Hope you're doing well.